A highly customizable speed-reader built as a direct alternative to paid apps. Speed-reading concepts such as chunking, pacing and highlighting are built into this reader. Start by reading the example text to get used to this. Use the focus mode. Import your texts from a URL, by uploading a file or from your clipboard. All data is stored on your device only. Over time, increase reading speed and change settings to fit your needs. If you have any problems or feature requests, let us know. Happy reading!



Version 2.1


In the latest update, position labels have been refined with real-time reading time, and a total reading time label has been introduced for saved text. The news section now has reduced margins for improved aesthetics. Additionally, an issue with the upload file button not responding has been resolved.


Version 2


You are reading this through Reader's second version. A lot has changed, and we implemented the feedback we could get. Firstly, we changed the name to Axym(-Reader) to avoid ambiguity. The UI has been simplified once more. We added the option to scrape the text from a website, and fixed a bug with state management and one with pasting text on iOS. We added an announcement system to inform you about new versions and other important news. We hope to get a lot of new feedback for the next iteration. (The feedback link has been fixed). Happy reading!

Hello, reader. This

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Configuration, text and reading state are saved automatically and locally in your browser once you de-focus the text field. Titles must be unique.

Saved Texts

Introduction to speed reading.

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